About Us

Cara Ruth – Owner

Cara Ruth photoHello. My name is Cara Ruth and this is my top dog, Bunker.

After graduating as a Network Engineer, I spent almost 20 years in Corporate America working with fortune 500 companies like AMEX and HP.

I was a “road warrior” traveling all over the country working in Technology. Over the years I developed a passion for providing extraordinaire customer service.

My love for pets united with a strong desire and ability to quickly learn, I became fascinated by understanding how to truly care for my pet. I hired a really smart and faithful dog walker and that’s when it began.

The next couple years I continued my study for animal care until one day, I was involved in a car accident. I suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized.

During my 7 month recovery, I was sitting in my living room when my cane fell to the ground. Since I was restricted from standing up without a cane, I suddenly felt helpless. My dog Bunker was sitting by my side when I commanded him to “come help mommy up”.

Without hesitation, Bunker stood in front of me as he lowered himself offering his assistance. The days that followed included Bunker by my side eager to help when called and truly loving his new job.

During this time I started to brainstorm the perfect job for both of us. Little did I know how quickly the idea would come.

Bunker and many other Happy Tails customers have benefited in my years of experience, professionalism and most importantly my unfailing love for all pets.

Carlos – Dog Trainer

Carlos photoFrom an early age Carlos felt an affinity for dogs, viewed them as more than ‘just a pet’ and became fascinated by their behaviors, the way in which they communicated with one another and with their human companions.

Carlos eventually became acquainted with dogs that were ‘trained’ and knew that this was his mission in life.

He set out to learn everything that he could about dogs from both a scientific and experiential perspective. Carlos brings his wealth of information and his ability to ‘speak their language’ (ie. using calm positioning, thought interruption and interaction) into an eclectic approach that allows him to address each dogs unique needs.

Carlos’ specialization in obedience, pack structure and aggression allows him to help dogs overcome the collateral issues of anxiety and nuisance behaviors such as barking, whining, chewing, mouthing, bolting and not coming when called.

Whether you need basic or advanced training, Carlos has the experience and knowledge to assist you and your canine companion.

Lauren (aka Chow Chow) – Pet Care Professional

Hi there! My name is Lauren. I’ve lived in Delaware most of my life up until roughly four years ago. I decided to relocate to New Jersey in hopes of finding a better job opportunity related to my studies and having a closer commute to school. Currently, I reside in the Voorhees area and am attending college to become a Radiology Therapist, specializing in veterinary oncology; I could not be happier! My love for animals and having an active lifestyle began at a young age, and as I grew older I was certain that my career of choice would involve helping our four-legged friends.

Joining the Happy Tails team has given me the amazing opportunity of gaining early knowledge and experiences working with different animals, which will aide in my success of becoming a top notch Radiology Therapist. Everyday I am left with a genuine smile and an enormous feeling of gratitude knowing that I am able to combine my passions of delivering exceptional service to the numerous dogs and cats we work with, while also making a positive impact in both furry companion and clients’ lives. I look forward to giving the very best care and attention to your pet and, of course, countless belly rubs!

Amanda – Pet Care Professional

Hi my name is Amanda!

Well I’ve graduated college with a degree in Geography Bachelors of Science and lived in MA my whole life and decided that seeing the world and experiencing it meant to travel so I moved to NJ for a year break with my boyfriend. I love being outside—hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and camping; you name it. I’ve had four dogs at one point: Bear, Jake, Buddy and Dakota. They really sparked my love for dogs and the unconditional love, friendship, and comfort is something that just makes my heart happy! Since then they have passed and now my pup (not really a puppy at the age of 4), Nina is in my life and I miss her everyday! I plan on expanding my knowledge anyway I can and move back up north to aspire to be in environmental restoration and have plenty of room to roam with family and animals!

Laura – Pet Care Professional

Laura – Pet Care ProfessionalHi, my name is Laura. I worked in the IT business for 15 years before deciding to stay at home to raise my three daughters. Now that my girls are older, I wondered what my dream job would be? It always included animals. I enjoy taking my two dogs for walks around our neighborhood, which inspired me to begin in the dog walking business.  I previously worked for another pet walking service before finding Happy Tails. Happy Tails has allowed me to bring my love for animals to each and every dog. Nothing is better than a wagging tail, a belly to rub or a big wet kiss!

Heather – Pet Care Professional

Heather – Pet Care Professional

Hello! My name is Heather. I grew up in North Jersey but have lived in 6 states due to my husband’s military service. We are so happy to be back in NJ for good. I have a background in fitness and I love dogs.  It is a perfect combination to spend time with amazing animals and be able to be outside walking them. I look forward to caring for each of your pets and treating them with the love and care as I would for my own pet.