Reviews and Testimonials

I wanted to reach out to you with a personal note. You and Carlos are amazing. Like AHHHHHmazing. I can’t even explain how my life has changed with Champ and his behavior. Champ is a completely different dog than he was 6 months ago (even 3 months ago) and I know you see him but not for an entire day/weekend/week so take it from someone who spends a lot of days with him, it doesn’t go unnoticed that you and Carlos are at the center of his transformation.

He’s off my counters and last week was the first time multiple people walked in the house without Champ jumping all over them (incredible). His obedience is getting better and better and he’s becoming such a great listener that my first instinct has changed from “oh God, I’m too tired to walk in on Champ’s next disaster” to “I can’t wait to get home and take Champ for a walk”.

I spent a small amount of time with Carlos in the training and I love watching the two of them for two reasons: 1) I soak up all of the information AND 2) I use it as inspiration for me when interacting with Champ (it’s apparent Champ luuurves him, lol).

Between the reliability, flexibility, CARE and training – Happy Tails is without a doubt the best business I interact with on a regular basis in both my personal and professional life. In addition to helping us raise/train/care for a dog that visibly loves life and is NOW fun to be with, you have made MY life easier and more enjoyable. As I was posting yet another picture on my Facebook made available by the daily updates, I wanted to make sure you knew how fond I am with you/your services.

Whatever your goals were for running a dog care business when you started years ago, I can assure you that it has been surpassed and it is genuinely appreciated. Mediocracy is running rampant and when the exceptional occurs I like to make sure they know they’ve exceeded my expectations (I’ve been known for being a bit of a perfectionist).

I am a fervent admirer of Happy Tails and I wanted to make sure you knew that.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Melanie – Marlton, NJ

I don’t even know where to start this review because the service is so wonderful. Happy Tails comes to our home twice a week to walk our golden doodle for 30 minutes, and we would be cool with that but the service is so much more than just a walk!  Cara keeps us informed of everything…what happened on the walk, what Bo’s disposition was, and tips on how to care for him (this is my first dog, but my husband has had several). I also get a daily report card, pictures and videos!  Plus Bo is super tired and chilled out on the days he walks with her. I have seen Cara in action with Bo because Cara goes above and beyond.  She recommended a harness and then actually came over to show us how to fit it and put it on him.  He was so happy to see her that day.  I give my highest recommendation to Happy Tails.

Megan – Marlton, NJ

I have been a client of Happy Tails of SJ for about 4 months.  The thought, care and attention has been truly amazing! From the first meeting and introduction, (there were actually two!), Cara goes above and beyond. From daily updates, messages and even sleep over visits (thank you Karri!), I know that my pet is in the best care possible.  I not only recommend Cara’s services, but offer my recommendation as a highly satisfied and regular customer.  Thank you Happy Tails for all you do!!!

Marc-Medford, NJ

Happy Tails has been a lifesaver for my family. Everyday Cara spends an hour with my little dog belly rubs , walks and snacks are on the agenda. She texts me that she is there sometimes with pictures. I get a report by text as to how my baby is doing and also a report card is left for me.  However it doesn’t stop there Cara is full of knowledge on caring for my pet and always available to answer any questions. If I have a late meeting or anything else that will cause me to be late for her afternoon walk & dinner Cara is always ready & willing to step in sometimes at a moments notice. Having Cara & Julie to rely on has given me unbelievable peace of mind !  This service is the GREATEST !!

Jane R – Marlton, NJ

As clients we have been extremely happy with Happy Tails services.  We started using the service in the summer and now our dog is tended to 3 days a week.  We have seen a great improvement in our black lab, Gracie.  Gracie has now learned how to run alongside a bike, which she has been doing since September. In the 30 minute time frame I know that my dog is in good hands and getting the exercise she needs throughout the day.  Since she has been learning to run alongside the bike, we have noticed a change in our dog.  Now when I let her out of the crate, she has a very calm disposition and this continues throughout the night.  She is still very much her playful self, but does not rush out of the crate like she has always previously done.  Her disposition tells us that she is not only tired from her day’s workout, but she is also happy and content with the bike rides.  Through videos that are sent to us we can see just that, a very content dog, who’s gained the confidence that she never had before.  We are extremely happy with “Happy Tails” Services and the progress that we have seen with Gracie.  It is clear that our dog is in the best of hands during the day!

Nicole and Bill – Marlton, NJ

Cara and her associates at Happy Tails have made it possible for my elderly mother to keep her beloved Bichon, Gertie. Without their support, Mom would not be able to manage walking Gertie and getting her the exercise she needs. 
My mother lives in NJ and I live in Boston– I have to be able to trust the people that enter my mother’s home. Cara and Happy Tails are complete professionals, 100% trustworthy and have repeatedly gone above and beyond what one might expect for a dog walking service. 
I recommend them 100 %, without reservation!

Madeleine – Stoneham, MA

Carlos has been working with my 11 year old cock-a-poo for two and a half months and he is a much better behaved dog. Every day he works with Elmer I get an email with a photo and a note about his behavior. The fact that Carlos has been able to get Elmer to be around another dog without wanting to attack the dog is a miracle. Carlos is the best!

Elieen – Marlton, NJ

Cara and Camilla started walking our puppy when he was about 2 months and have continued for the last 5 months. They were both very professional upfront and both are very responsive, whether for information about Happy Tails services or for a last minute change to the schedule. My boyfriend and I both work long hours and Happy Tails saved the day, rescuing our little guy from a full day in his crate. 

We really appreciated the pictures and updates on how the walks went and our puppy was able to make it through the potty training phase with zero accidents!

I cant say enough good things about Cara and Camilla and have no reservations recommending them. They are wonderful!

Lisa and Dan – Marlton, NJ

Thanks for taking such good care of Caroline! Very glad you joined Happy Tails. I appreciate that you take care of her like we would.
Please feel free to share our compliments, Leanne and your entire team deserve kudos.

Paul and Kari – Cherry Hill, NJ